Telonya Tabler-Pinckney

Telonya Tabler-Pinckney

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July 2010, while on vacation I had pain in my right breast and decided to make an appt with my family physician when I returned. I was 37 years old and no family history of breast cancer.

Two weeks later came the mashing and tucking of the “dreaded mammogram machine”, then the dark room of glume “ultrasound” nothing shining except me with a smile on my face as the technician said......”Its CANCER”.....My words were “No It's Not”....with a giggle....but I would need a biopsy to confirm. I immediately start to pray and think about my husband, kids, and oh Lord my Mom and Mother-in-law “the worrywarts”. Wait son was a Senior and it was football season. I have games to attend and I was busy planning for graduation and college. Top it off with the Princess of the family starting 5th Grade at a new school.

Friday, August 13th I know the dreaded bad luck day....I received the official call from the doctor that it was in fact CANCER....Invasive Stage 3, ER+, with a 50% chance of survival. I allowed myself to cry for about 10 minutes to take it all in and then I put on my “Big Girl Panties” and started to speak favor and blessings into my life that I could either make something positive out of this diagnosis or sit and wollow in my pity. Pity was not an option!

August was filled with Oncologist and Surgeon appts along with MRI's, CT Scans, Echocardiograms, Diagostic Testing, Biopsies, BRCA 1/2 and Generic testing,. It seemed like I knew the ends and outs of Duke and if I had a badge, people would think I worked there.

September 1st I received my best friend for months to come “The Port” and started my 5 Star dining experience of Adrimycin, Cytoxin, and Taxol!

After the 2nd chemo and all the shedding, I asked my husband to shave my head.....30 minutes later... I was bald and looking like “GI Jane”... I immediately snapped a pic and posted to facebook....heck I was still cute.... even bald:) Months went by and I continued my routine... Chemo on Friday mornings, High School Football, rest, and back to work on Monday. This CANCER thing wasn't going to get the best of me!

Lumpectomy surgery was scheduled on December 23rd , I was in and out and within hours I was home wrapping gifts. You see that's how I dealt with my pain and frustration. January started off with Radiation, 5 days a week for 8 weeks. It was like I was a Victoria's Secret Model.....Valet, everyone knows your name, take your top off, get on the table, smile you're on candid camera but don't move, get off the table, put your top back on, and have a nice day.
It’s been 12 years since that sunny August day when I heard the words, “Unfortunately, cancer cells were found” and my medical madness began. There’s been chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, more drug therapy, side effects, and more. I’ve been bald from head to toe, bloated, and cranky over the whole ordeal, but mostly, I’ve been inspired and maybe even a little thankful cancer crashed into my world because without the disease, I might have just flew through life not really appreciating every breath.

Cancer has given me more than overwhelming love from others. It gave me curly hair, less stress, and friendships with all sorts of cancer warriors. “It was not the end of my existence, but the beginning of my new life”


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