About The Pink Purpose Collection

About The Pink Purpose Collection

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Among the many things that define a woman is her strength, yet this attribute is also one of the most understood qualities of any woman because outsiders are unable to neither see nor understand the hardship that created such a strong warrior. Historically, warriors have always been considered a brave or experienced soldier or fighter. The term maybe predated centuries ago however the essence of female warriors lives on currently. Suzanne “Sue” Powell is a modern day warrior. My strength is a result of many conquered battles throughout her life; none more strenuous and challenging than her battle with breast cancer.

Typically battles are fought between two opposing parties. However, when battling cancer the battle is against yourself. The sneak attack was subtle and disarming initially. While playing with my children I experienced a discomfort, the battle was starting. I had discovered a lump which then prompted me to make an appointment with my physician. Even after the professional examination my doctor did not believe the lump to be cancerous simply because a mammogram was performed several months prior.

Despite the disbelief from both parties – the reality of the battle could not have been avoided. I had cancer. The battle had started. One of the main sources of strength during this process was my religious faith. Amongst the many things I did once receiving the news was solicit prayers.


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